WIP: Wounded Souls

Scarred Souls, #5

“Life’s never going to be the same again.” 

It’s been three years of struggle for Josh, and now he thinks things are finally getting better, the past comes back to prove him otherwise in that his stepfather is being released from prison. And Andrew’s out to get him, Josh knows it, but everyone keeps insisting that Andrew is not allowed to come anywhere near him.

Damian leads a content life, with his career and his relationship. He is unaware that the one thing that can make Josh spiral downwards is rearing it’s ugly head again, causing Josh to fall back into the self-destructive pattern of his past.

Only this time, it’s not just Josh’s world crumbling. It’s Damian’s too – wiped out from beneath him thanks to the fatal consequences of not seeing the danger before it has struck.

Keywords: abuse, angst, asexual, contemporary, death, disability, established relationship, family, grief, homosexual, mental illness, m/m, realistic, self-harm, suicidal

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