WIP: More Than This

When you’re not sure if you’ve been sexually assaulted or not by the nicest guy in school, you go and fall in love with the school’s bad boy.

When Maria wakes up naked in bed with no recollection of what’s happened, she fears the worst—and she doesn’t plan on sticking around to have it confirmed. But running off only dressed in a short, tight dress in the middle of winter isn’t the best idea.

Rescue come in the form of Roar, who’s out and about at night because he can’t go home. He takes pity on the girl who sits huddled on a bench, and he takes her home. He also vows to look out for her from now on—and find out who hurt her.

As rumours start up in school, and Maria struggles with not knowing what happened that night, there’s only one person she finds herself drawn to… the school’s bad boy, Roar.

Keywords: bad boy, family, friendship, good girl, heterosexuality, possible sexual assault, realistic
  • 100%