WIP: Lost Souls

Scarred Souls, #6

NOTE! This story needs excessive editing, which means the blurb has to be altered significantly too. 

Three years ago, Matt lost both of his parents, leaving him and his sister orphans. The pain and grief is still consuming him, made even worse by his depression and the recent loss of his dog. But when Matt’s forced to go with his sister to a party, he meets Caesar, who’s flamboyant, social and generally fun to be around. For once since his parents died, Matt feels alive again.

But the grief’s still there, and the only way Matt knows how to deal with it and his depression, is to cut himself. Not to mention that something’s up with Caesar, and he has a bit of a crush on his mate Adam. Wracked by grief and traitorous emotions towards two different blokes… how can he ever get himself together?

Keywords: angst, contemporary, death, disability, family, grief, homosexual, mental illness, m/m, realistic, self-harm, suicidal

  • 1st draft100%
  • Revisions50%