August 27, 2017

More Than Anything: Happy Birthday, Jørgen

I woke up all warm and snuggly, but decidedly lonely. I stretched and yawned, forcing my eyes up to peer at the other side of the bed. It was empty, as I’d already gleaned. Nor were there any dogs on the bed. Had Geir taken them out? Early on a Sunday morning? That did not sound like him. We always slept in on Sundays. It was our holy day—a day where neither of us ever worked, where no one could interrupt us. It was a day for just us. Occasionally also family dinners, but mostly just the two of us and our dogs. Our own little family. The floorboards creaked as I walked over them. Our home was old, but […]
December 11, 2016

Scarred: Scarred & Shattered

I walked past rows and rows of gravestones, briefly taking note of the names on them, trying to find one in particular. Trying to find the only grave that mattered. It was two months since Mal had been buried—for the first I’d been hospitalised, unable to take part in the funeral. The month after I came out of hospital, I’d had too much to catch up on in college to find time. But now I had. Now I was here. Most of the graves I passed were well tended, with flowers and lights and whatnot. I hadn’t brought anything with me except a letter. A letter Mal would never read, because he was dead, but a letter addressed to him […]