New adult romances


  • Lost

    “I met him by chance—and everything changed.” Pain and grief are a constant part of my life nowadays, all made worse by my untreated depression. When I’m forced out of bed to go to a party with my sister, I meet Caesar—and everything changes. Caesar is flamboyant, social, and fun to be around. He shows me what I’ve been missing, both in and out of bed, and for the first time in years, I feel alive again. But my depression’s getting worse. Not to mention the fact that I fancy someone else. This thing with Caesar is just fun. Until it isn’t.
  • Polar Nights

    “It was all casual—until it wasn’t.” I’ve only ever admitted my bi-curiosity to one person, but I’ve never done anything about it. Until now. Not long after I moved to Svalbard, I started sleeping with Christian—my boss and the brother of the woman dating my dad. Talk about complicated. It’s only casual though. Right?
  • Inked

    “It was lust-at-first-sight.” With a new family who loves me, it’s too much to hope for to find a boyfriend as well. But that’s what I do when I go with my BFF as emotional support to get her tattoo. Only she doesn’t need it. It turns out I’ve been set up with Silver, the tall, fit tattoo artist! Can a newfound relationship such as ours–because yes, we jumped straight from bed to relationship, so sue me–survive the danger of a possible HIV infection along with Silver’s secrets that are related to the big memorial tattoo on his back?
  • How About a Boyfriend?

    From friends to lovers. Roar has been dumped one time too many. Now he’s decided he’s done with women. Henning finds Roar’s predicament quite amusing. He’s never preferred women—but he much preferred Roar. When Roar suggests the two of them hook up, Henning is dubious. Roar’s set in his ways, however, and he knows what he wants. In the end, Henning’s faced with a question he never imagined his best friend would ask.