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  • Written in Scars

    All the Scarred short stories put together in one collection.  In Scarred For life, Josh tries to wrap his mind around his boyfriend’s sexuality, whereas in […]
  • The Scarred Ones

    Love makes us strong.  Josh thought he was doing better, but he isn’t. Faced with the problems of Damian’s nephew, who’s living with them, all his […]
  • Scarred: Box Set

    Both novels in the Scarred series, together in one box set for a discounted price! Scarred Damian has never given any thought to any kind of […]
  • Scarred In Love

    Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad?  Wherever Damian turns nowadays, he’s bombarded with sex. Everyone has it, the media uses it to sell products, and people […]
  • Wounded

    “Life’s never going to be the same again.” Josh’s life has been nothing but a struggle. The last three years, however, have been better. He’s in […]
  • Scarred For Life

    I woke to something that had never happened before.
 Josh knows Damian doesn’t want sex, but the evidence was there that he did. So Josh touched […]
  • Scarred

    Falling in love wasn’t in Damian’s life plan. All Josh wants is to be loved. Damian has never given any thought to any kind of relationship with […]