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Welcome home, Andreas

I was a wreck.

I sat on the table in the garden, next to Jørgen, and my fingers drummed impatiently against the wood.

Thomas was on the grill and everyone around me was having a great time.

Well, except Jørgen. He didn’t seem nervous like I was, but he was as introverted as usual.

While I faced the table, he leant back against it so he had an outlook over the entire garden. Usually, that would’ve been strange, but I knew he was waiting for his boyfriend.

When he suddenly nudged me, I cast a curious glance at him. He only nodded ahead without looking at me.

I turned around to follow his line of sight—and for a second I stopped breathing.

Andreas stood there, still in his army uniform, his bag thrown over one shoulder. He was tanner than he’d been the last time he was home, but otherwise, he looked the same.

I shot up from my seat, crossed the lawn without actually noticing I did it, and I threw my arms around his shoulders in the tightest hug I’d ever given him.

“Oh my God, you’re back,” I whispered against his neck, almost unable to believe it. But I had my arms around him; he was pressed up against me, and he was here.

“Alex.” One of his hands tangled in my hair while the other slid around my waist so he could pull me in close to him.

My heart beat at double speed. He’d been in the army for a year now and I’d only seen him during holidays or the few days he got off. And now he was here, done with the army, and back to stay. It was almost surreal.

“I’ve missed you so much. You have no idea.” I didn’t want to let him go. It felt too good to be this close to him again, and I didn’t want him to leave me again for another second.

I did step back, though, but only so I could look at him. He was so hot in that uniform.

“You’re looking good, Andreas.” Apparently, Nik thought so too, because he stood next to us and he looked Andreas up and down. “If I’d known a bloke in uniform would be so hot, I’d consider going to the army myself.”

Andreas laughed. “You, in the army? I’d like to see that.”

“Wouldn’t be such a good idea, would it?” He grinned. “I’d be all hot on the blokes in uniform, wanting them to shag me and trying to grab their cocks. Bet that wouldn’t go over well.”

“That wouldn’t go over well at all. They were all sadly straight.” He smiled at me, and I knew he didn’t feel any sadness about that fact at all.

“I’d do you in a heartbeat.” Nik winked and cocked his hip out.

Andreas laughed again. “Too bad for you I’m already taken.” He grabbed me by the neck and pulled me in against him so he could kiss my temple. Not that he had to pull me that hard, I came willingly.

“Heck, I’d bang you both.”

I looked at Nik again, both amused and a little flustered. I was used to Ben being very open about his sex life, but I’d been living with Ben for a while now. I wasn’t as used to Nik since he’d lived in Oslo for a year and was hardly ever around anymore.

Christina and Maria approached us then, and I stepped away from Andreas so they could hug him in welcome too.

I hung back, letting Andreas greet everyone. They hadn’t seen him for months, after all, and I didn’t want to keep him from anyone. I was dying to get my hands on him again, though I didn’t want to be selfish about it.

It seemed he felt the same way, though because he eventually grabbed me and pulled me close.

We were at the table now, and Andreas leant against the edge of it, next to Jørgen—and his blonde boyfriend whom I hadn’t had the chance to greet yet.

I did want to greet him, but he seemed only to have eyes for Jørgen at the moment—and I had my boyfriend to keep my focus. He was finally home so my priorities were squarely on him for the moment.

I leant against his chest, and my palms rested on his chest, feeling the muscle under the camo uniform.

“I’m so happy to be back home.” His hands loosely locked behind my back. “I loved the army, I did, it was great. But I’ve missed you and everyone else like mad, and it’s good to be back. A year is enough. Next up, Police Academy. And you and I, together.”

Now that I liked the sound off. “We have a whole summer ahead of us. Then the Police Academy.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Summer’s going to go by in a flash.”

I stroked a hand over his cheek. He had a bit of stubble that raked against my palm. “Probably. But we’ve still got over a month left here before we have to move and get back to real life.” A little over a month to simply enjoy being back together again.

He chewed thoughtfully on his lower lip as he stared into my eyes, then he glanced around. “Everyone’s busy. You think they’ll notice if we disappear for a little bit?”

Blood instantly rushed south. “Does it matter if they do?” I clutched his uniform tight, desire coursing through me now he’d put the thought in my mind.

I hadn’t been with him in months, after all, so who could blame me?

He chuckled low in his throat. “No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter at all.”

I licked my lips. I knew what I wanted, but I was hesitant to take the first step. We were surrounded by family and friends after all, and wouldn’t it be obvious what we were heading off to do if we did head off?

Andreas took the choice out of my hand.

He grabbed my hand and dragged me with him into the house, through the living room and down to the basement. To his room, which was currently filled with my stuff.

He pushed me onto the bed, and I rolled over on my back so I could look up at him. He grinned, then got on the bed too, leaning over me.

I spread my legs, and he lay down in-between them. Our crotches pressed together damn—but I missed feeling him this close. This… his weight pressing me down into the mattress, his cock hardening underneath his uniform… it was familiar, and it was incredible.

His lips felt right against mine; his hands were big and sure, and they always did such amazing things to me.

“I missed you so much.” He stroked my face like he had to put all my features to memory again.

The raw honesty tore at me—and I felt the same. “Me too. Missed you.”

He kissed me softly.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, trying to keep the kiss as chaste and soft as he apparently wanted it to stay. I could feel his cock was hard, but he didn’t make a move to take this any further.

“Just you and me, babe,” he whispered then, brown eyes staring into mine. “For the whole summer. Just you and me and this.”

I didn’t bother to point out I had work—because what did work matter? It was a few hours here and there, and Andreas could spend the time I was at work with his friends.

But when I was off work, it would be just him and me and this.

“You get to keep the uniform?” I asked, tugging slightly on his shoulders to make him press me further into the mattress. I didn’t need him to brace himself so as not to put his whole weight on me. I wanted his whole weight on me.


“Good.” I locked my legs around his hips, grinding my cock up against his. “You look so hot in it.”

He grinned wickedly. “I could strip you of every single layer of clothing and have my way with you. All dressed up in my uniform.”

My breath hitched. I liked that idea.

He could tell because he chuckled.

“Please do that,” I whispered, lust coursing through me at the mental images that provided. “Please.”

He didn’t answer—instead he bent down to kiss me again. A harder, faster, more passionate kiss than the from before. “We’ve got the whole summer ahead of us. Just me and you, in my bed. And after that… me and you in Oslo. Living together for real.”

“Last year wasn’t for real?” I asked breathlessly.

“Oh, it was. But living at home isn’t the same, is it? Come fall we’ll be living on our own. Just the two of us. We’ll be proper grown-ups.”

I smiled. “I like the sound of that.” And I wrapped myself around him as he kissed me again, not able to get enough of him.

That we’d survived apart for the year he’d been in the army… I hoped that meant we’d survive anything. He meant everything to me, and I didn’t know what I’d do without him—nor did I want to find out what that would be like.

One year together, one year apart. And here we were, together again. No matter what life threw at us, be it a gay bashing or separated for a year, we came through it stronger than ever.

“I love you, Andreas.” He had to know that. I think he did—but it couldn’t hurt to say it again.

He brushed the hair off my forehead and placed a light, innocent kiss there. “I love you too.”

And then his lips were on mine again—and this time, it was not innocent.

Exactly how I liked it.



This story has been added as an epilogue to the new edition of Louder Than Words.
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