More Than Anything: The More Things Change

MTA_Part6These two chapters came easily. Some surprises happened, with scenes not planned, such as a very nice father-son moment in the beginning. It might just be one of my favourite scenes in the story so far, silly because it happened so unexpectedly, but fit so perfectly. One plan fell through, but it works out for the better, lest too many characters be introduced at once, which is not a good thing.

There is very little of Jørgen in these two chapters, so they’re not as riddled with his deep-rooted and heavy issues. These two chapters are Geir’s through and through and more hopeful in tone as to his life. He’s still only seventeen though, and though he doesn’t hate his new life as much as he could’ve, he’s still young and he can fly off the handle in a second, which was demonstrated once with his Dad here. Another father-son scene I’m quite fond off.

One of my favourite characters is introduced here. He’s also one of my most feminine and out there characters ever. He speaks his mind, is not afraid to show who he is, which I guess is what I like about him.

These chapters were easy to write. I think I only wrote the 10K in 4-5 days. The next part is Jørgen’s, which will be filled with a lot more angst than these two, considering Jørgen is now starting to finally deal with his issues.