More Than Enough

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Home for good

“That’s it.”

I rubbed my hands together and stood back to look around our flat. Except it wasn’t ours anymore, as we were moving out.

The furniture was still there, as it had come with the flat, but all our stuff were packed and stuffed in the hall, ready to be put in my car.

“Yeah.” Alex didn’t look particularly sad to leave.

Nor could I say I was. I’d thought I’d be, once I finished my education, but now… now I had something—someone—waiting for me and I couldn’t wait to be out of this place.

I had a new place I called home now.

The place Alex had called home for two years.

Now it was mine. And would be for a great many years, hopefully.

“What?” Alex looked at me—and only then did I realise I’d been staring at him.

I shook my head to be rid of my thoughts. “Try to show a little sadness, would you?” I laughed as I said it because neither one of us could muster up sad feelings right now.

“I can’t. I’m too happy to leave.” He headed into the hall to get his shoes on, and I followed.

Together we dragged our suitcases and boxes out to the car. We filled it up—a bit more than what was technically allowed as it obstructed my view of the back window—but we couldn’t very well leave any of our stuff behind. Once we left, we were gone for good, as simple as that.

“It’s been four good years here.” And they had been. So much better than my previous life back in my hometown—except now that same hometown held a promise of more happiness than I’d ever imagined.

“But you’ve got better things to look forward to now.” Alex buckled up in the passenger seat.

I took the hint and got in behind the wheel. “When are you taking your licence?”

He shrugged. “When I can afford it. So, not anytime soon.”

I turned the key, and the car purred to life.

I nodded. “I get that. I worked my arse off to pay for my licence.”

“I got work my arse off this summer to afford to live in Oslo. My driver’s licence have to take a back seat. It’s not like we need a car down there anyway.”

That was true. Public transportation was easier and quicker in a big city, after all.

“Is Andreas going to work?” I asked, curious.

“I don’t think so. He gets a small salary from the army, after all. I don’t think he’s going to bother just for a month.”

That made sense. He’d technically been working for the last twelve months, so I could understand if he wanted to take the summer off.

As I drove us through town, Alex stretched and smiled in his seat.

“Happy?” I chanced a quick glance at him.

“Yeah. There’s still three weeks until Andreas’ home, but being back there, living there again… it feels so much closer, you know?”

“I don’t.” I grinned wryly. “But I see your point.”

“You wouldn’t,” he shot back. “You’ll see your boyfriend in a matter of hours.”

My grin widened. “That I will.”

I could see from the corner of my eye that he watched me. “Don’t be so smug about it.”

“I’m not smug!” I laughed. “Just happy.”

“And you said you’d never move back to our hometown.”

“Yeah, I have to retract that statement.” I chuckled, eyes on the road.

He continued to watch me. I had no idea why, or what he was thinking about. It made me a little jumpy to be gazed at like that, so I fiddled with the dashboard until the radio came alive with a rock song from the eighties.

“So what’s it going to be like to have the whole summer off?” He finally turned his head the other way to look out the window.

“Not sure. I always used to work every summer, but now I’ve got over two months of no work ahead of me, I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. Also, I worry about money. I don’t have that much saved up.”

“You won’t need to spend much, though. No rent, or electricity. Probably not food either,” he commented.

And yes, he had a point. Thomas would gladly pay for all of that, but as his partner, I wanted to pay my share now too.

“Be a kept man?” I grinned drily, ready to tell Alex exactly where I stood on the matter. “Nah. I want us to be equal, you know? I can deal with it for the summer, but once I start work, I’m going to pay too.”

I had a job waiting for me, after all. I would start in the middle of August—at the social services in my hometown. I’d been offered a one-year contract as a stand-in for a woman who was going on maternity leave come September.

“I can understand that.” He chewed his bottom lip, deep in thought.

“What’s Viktor doing this summer?” I asked, hoping to get his mind off of whatever put that slightly worried expression on his face.

“He talked about maybe going home to Sweden for a while.” Alex didn’t sound like he thought that was likely to happen.

“I thought maybe I could ask Thomas if it would be okay if I asked him to stay with us for a bit. He’s all alone in Volda now, and he has to be out of his dorm soon.”

“I’m sure he won’t mind. There’s a room available, after all.” Now that I wasn’t using my room—Christina’s old one—that was empty.

“I’m happy for you, you know.”

I looked at him quickly in surprise before I had to look back on the road. “I know.”

“Just wanted to get it out there. In case I haven’t said it.”

“I’m pretty sure you have.”

“Then it bears repeating.”

We were out of the town, bringing with it a higher speed limit, and I sped up, changing gears smoothly. His words had made me self-conscious to the point heat was spreading up my neck—and I cleared my throat instead of anything more to say.

“I just wanted you to know,” he said.

“I’m going to be happy for you when you figure out what you want to do with your life,” I said instead, ready to move the conversation back to him.

He sighed. “Yeah, so will I.” He stared back out the window—and I could tell his mood dropped. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to turn the subject on him. “So will I.”

No one was home when we got there.

“Thomas must’ve been held up at work.” I pulled my phone out to check the time. “He should’ve been home an hour ago.” Disappointment settled like a lead weight in my stomach—even though I knew he couldn’t help it if he’d been held up. He was a doctor, after all, things happened.

“Want to go buy some food?” Alex asked. “I’m starving.”


We carried our boxes and suitcases inside, then got back in the car to head downtown to a kebab shop.

After we’d ordered, we sat down at a table to wait for our food to be done.

Alex’s phone buzzed, and he got busy texting.

“Andreas?” I asked, trying not to laugh at just how eagerly he was answering those texts.

The smile on his face told me the answer to that.

“I don’t even want to know.” Not details, anyway.


“What you’re texting to each other.” I motioned to his phone. “I don’t want to know.”

“Lucky for you, you don’t get to know.”

I laughed.

His phone buzzed again, and he unlocked the screen as eagerly as earlier.

I checked the time on mine—and to see if there was anything from Thomas. But of course, there wasn’t. The man was busy.

“I don’t have to ask Thomas about Viktor.”

“Hmm?” I glanced up at him.

“Sarah just asked Viktor to stay with her. For the entire summer.”

I chuckled. “They’re getting serious, huh?”

“They were heading this way at Easter, but they haven’t seen each other since.”

“Good for them.” I looked back down at my screen, not all that interested in Sarah and Viktor’s love life when I was just back to get my own started properly.

“Yeah. It is. I just hope that’ll be good for them.”

Our food was called, and we got up to pay, then piled back into the car and headed home. Again.

I couldn’t even begin to describe how nice it was to call the house home.

When we arrived, and I saw Thomas’s car in the driveway, I was out of the car a lot quicker than I normally was.

I heard Alex chuckle behind me, but he grabbed the bag of food and followed me inside.

“Hey.” Thomas came out of the kitchen, all smiles.

I moved in for a hug—desperate to feel him against me again after a couple of weeks apart. With all the exams and all, I hadn’t had the opportunity to go back here every weekend.

He felt good, all strong and hard and warm, and we squeezed each other tight.

“We’ve got food,” I said as I pulled back. I’d bought for him too, as I’d figured he’d be as starving as we were after a shift at work.

Alex busied himself with his phone again.

“So what’re the plans for the summer?” I asked Thomas, not able to stop smiling.

“Do stuff around the house, was the thought.” He dug into his food. “The house needs new paint. I bought twenty litres of paint the other day, so now all I got to do is find time to paint the bloody thing. And wait for nice weather.”

“Summer’s real shit.” I shuffled food into my mouth. “It seems to rain every other day.”

“According to the forecasts, it’s not about to let up anytime soon.” Thomas sighed, then grinned. “Then again, it changes every day, so maybe we’ll have a week of sun come tomorrow instead of the week of rain they promised today.”

I chuckled, all too familiar with the changing weather. “I’m looking more and more forward to Spain.”

Thomas’s knee bumped mine under the table. “Me too.”

We couldn’t do much else with Alex sitting opposite us—but as soon as dinner was consumed, we both headed upstairs under the pretence of carrying my stuff up.

Alex probably saw through it—but he was more than happy to head down to the basement and Andreas’s room with his stuff, he didn’t say anything. He didn’t even give me a look.

As soon as Thomas’s bedroom door shut behind us, I pressed him up against it and kissed the bloody life out of him.

Being back was good. And the best part? I wouldn’t have to leave again on Sunday. We were back for good.

Thomas wrangled me over to the bed, and when the back of my knees hit the edge of it, I let myself fall back. Thomas followed, landing atop me. I grunted a little as his weight fell on me, but then we kissed again and everything else fled from my mind but the desire I felt for him.

My dick was already rock hard, and it longed to feel his hand—oh yes, there! 

“I’ve been thinking,” he said in a low voice against my lips.

“Thinking?” Did he want to have a chat now? Couldn’t that wait until later? After the whole welcome home hand job.

He chuckled, deep in his throat, hand squeezing around me. “Yeah, thinking. It’s kind of, you know, not entirely compatible this relationship of ours.”

“It’s fine.” I needed him to move his hand, squeeze harder, do something.

“So I’ve figured out there’s one more thing I can do without compromising myself or a part of my body I’m not comfortable with.” He stared at me for several seconds; then he moved down and—

Oh!” My back arched as he wrapped his lips around my head.

I couldn’t think straight after all. All I knew was that this was the best blowjob I’d ever had because I loved him and he knew me so well. He knew exactly what to do, where to press, to get me off quickly, even if he’d never used his mouth to do it before.

“I’m going—fuck!

He stroked me through my release, clearly not willing to swallow—but I wasn’t complaining because I’d never thought I’d ever get a blowjob from him. The fact that I had was huge.

“Was that okay?” He stretched out over me again.

Okay? That was amazing!” I grabbed hold of his neck and pulled him down into a kiss. I didn’t care that he’d just had his mouth around my dick—if I wanted to kiss him, I was damn well going to. “You’re incredible; you know that, right?”

He smiled slightly. “I try.”

I snorted. “Well, you don’t have to try any harder, because you’re already there.”

He looked away, clearly a little self-conscious, but then kissed me again. “I love you, Leo, and I’m lucky you wanted to move back here. Move in with me.”

I carded my fingers through his hair. “I’m the lucky one. I never thought I’d have this… but here you are.”

An embarrassed smile spread his lips and his gaze flickered.

“But you got to move off now.” I pushed teasingly against his shoulder. “I’m all sticky.” I needed to change my shirt since it was full of sperm, but my jeans and underwear were dragged down enough to be safe from it, so there was that.

Thomas rolled off me with a laugh, then watched as I padded over to my suitcase with cock and balls and arse out on display. “Be careful if you’re going out like that. Maria and Roar are home.”

“Well, damn.” I pulled my shirt off, used it to clean my groin, then pulled pants and jeans up to cover myself. I dropped the semen-soaked shirt on the floor next to the door, then bounced back on the bed in only my T-shirt to join him.

“That was quick cleanup,” he teased, stretching his arm out in invitation.

I took it, putting my head on his shoulder. “Yeah, well, I don’t need much.”

It was his turn to snort.

“And Thomas?”


I wrapped an arm around his waist to hug him tight. “Just for the record, I love you too.”

The smile that spread on his lips then didn’t have a hint of self-consciousness or embarrassment. It was one big happy smile.

And I put it there.

Hopefully, I’d continue to put it there for many, many years to come.



This story has been added as an epilogue to the new edition of More Than Enough.
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