Written in Scars

All the Scarred short stories put together in one collection.

In A Shattered Soul, Tyler meets a young, broken Mal and he tries to help him. It’s just that not everyone can, or want to be, helped.

In Scarred For life, Josh tries to wrap his mind around his boyfriend’s sexuality, whereas in Scarred and Shattered, Josh and Tyler meet at Mal’s grave, and they bond over their friend that died too early but who also wouldn’t have been able to live a normal life if he was alive.

In Scarred In Love, Damian decides that even being asexual, he can still try to have sex with Josh. And lastly, in in The Scarred Ones, Josh thought he was doing good, but it turns out he isn’t.

May 12, 2017

Arctic Circle Press


197 pages


Wherever I turned lately, there it was; sex. Sex, sex, sex. It was like the entire universe was against me—or plotting against me, anyway. Like it was trying to nudge me in the right direction. That was, the right direction for most other people, but a direction that had never been right for me.

On the last day of my fourth year in school, my classmates were chatting around me as we all packed our stuff. We wouldn’t be back until next semester started now, our fifth year. We were over half way, in another two years we’d be done.

“What’s your plans for the summer?” the girl in front of me asked the one sitting next to her.

“Ahh, I plan on spending a lot of time with my boyfriend,” she said, stretching and grinning. “I’ve been neglecting him ever since we started cramming for exams. I think he feels lonely. He’s getting something tonight, that’s for sure.”

Getting something… I stuffed my pencil case into my rucksack.
“You’re so lucky to have a boyfriend,” the other girl nearly whispered, leaning in closer. “You can get a shag whenever you want to. I have to go out on the pull if I want some action and it’s such a drag.”

“Find yourself a boyfriend, then you’ll have a steady stream of sex too!”

I slung my rucksack over my shoulder and left. Was it that easy for some people? Just find someone to be with so they could have sex every day? Or just go out on the pull and have sex with strangers? I grimaced, not even able to picture the latter scenario.

Then again, many people I knew had started out as one-offs. My best friend had shagged his boyfriend before they got together. Before he even knew him. My aunt’s sister, who I’d grown up with, had new boyfriends and girlfriends all the time.

What was so great about sex anyway?

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