The Scarred Ones

Love makes us strong. 

Josh thought he was doing better, but he isn’t. Faced with the problems of Damian’s nephew, who’s living with them, all his own burdens and failures comes back to haunt him.

Josh knew after all, and he never told anyone. But he never imagined it was as bad as it would turn out. He never imagined Matt was more alike him than anyone realised. Guilt and shame overtake Josh’s emotionally unstable mind and once again he resorts to old means to try and dull the pain, with disastrous consequences.

But Josh is strong. He’s survived everything thrown his way so far. Surely he’ll survive his own self-destructive tendencies this time too?


Published: March 10, 2017
Publisher: Arctic Circle Press
Genres: New adult m/m
Wordcount: 10,000
Tags: asexual, borderline personality disorder, family, gay, mental illness, suicide attempt


Get to the hospital.

That was all Damian had written in his text. He’d never sent one like it before, so I knew something was wrong. If something was wrong with Damian—no! I couldn’t think like that. Damian was fine, he always was, he was my rock.

But that didn’t mean I felt calm. I rushed to the hospital in record-time.

Damian was waiting outside for me, which made me feel relieved—because if he was up and about he must be fine—but it also made me wonder what was the real reason he’d wanted me there.

“What’s wrong?” I’d rushed so much I was out of breath when I reached him.

“It’s Matt.” He lifted his head. His face was stony, but his eyes seemed to burn with something I couldn’t decipher. “Come on.”

I twisted my hands together. “Is Matt here?” What else could it be?

Damian only nodded as he briskly led me upstairs and through hospital corridors. When he finally stopped in front of a door, he tapped his hand against it so the door, which hadn’t been closed completely, opened.

I peeked in and saw Matt lying motionless on a trolley. Something twisted inside me. Like a knife to the gut. “What’s wrong with him?”

“I had to sedate him.”