Lost In You

I met him by chance—and everything changed.

Pain and grief are a constant part of Matt’s life nowadays, all made worse by his depression. When he’s forced out of bed to go to a party with his sister, he meets Caesar—and everything changes.

Caesar is flamboyant, social, and generally fun to be around. Caesar shows Matt what he’s been missing, both in and out of bed, and for the first time in years Matt feels alive again.

But Matt fancies someone else, and Caesar’s keeping secrets that could potentially have life-threatening consequences. Will these two lost souls get their shit together?


Published: March 3, 2017
Publisher: Arctic Circle Press
Genres: New adult m/m
Wordcount: 48,000
Tags: depression, disability, epilepsy, family, friendship, gay, mental illness, psychosis


This was a mistake.

I’d known it before going out, but if my sister put her mind to something, she could be quite the force. So now I sat here, in a corner all by myself, since I didn’t know any of Mathilda’s friends. Mathilda herself had abandoned me.

There was only lager to be had, too, and I hated lager.

If I was going to drink in the first place, I wanted something stronger, but it seemed all of Mathilda’s friends preferred the nastiness that was lager.

“Here.” A bottle was thrust in front of me.

I blinked in surprise, then looked from the bottle to the person offering it. He was my age, with a long, slim body encased in skinny jeans and a thin vest. His arms were toned, and an obscure, black tattoo covered one of his shoulders. He also wore bracelets of all kinds of colours around his wrists and a simple necklace from which a faux razorblade dangled. Another tattoo adorned his collarbone, but the vest covered it so I couldn’t read what it said.

He was also wearing a pair of those big, black-framed glasses that were in right now, and behind them were bright blue eyes covered in black eyeliner. Dark hair, at least the fringe I could see, as the rest was covered by a black cap. His ears were pierced all the way up the cartilage, both of them.

“You look a little lonely.” He grinned, waving the bottle in front of my face. “Can’t have that, now can we?”

I blinked again, surprised at so suddenly being spoken to when I’d been ignored for the better part of two hours. Not to mention being spoken to by someone as gorgeous as he was. He could very well challenge my mate Adam for best-looks-of-the-year.

I grabbed the offered bottle and took a long sip. I couldn’t tell what it was, but it burned going down, so it had to be something strong. “Cheers, mate.” I took another sip for good measure, before handing it back.

“I’m Caesar.” He sat down next to me on the sofa and held out his hand.

“Matt.” I shook it. His handshake was firm and cool, and his hand lingered a little longer in mine than strictly necessary. I didn’t mind.