Friends and Boyfriends

Talk about awkward.

Tarjei and I’ve been together for a short second—and I’m still not used to this boyfriend-business. I might also still like Nik, and now Nik’s home and ambushing me as I finish work.

It’s the first time I’m faced with him since Easter, and… the reaction I used to have to him is non-existent. So maybe I don’t like Nik like that anymore after all?

There’s a certain someone else I can’t keep my eyes off, who makes my stomach erupt in nervous butterflies, and who makes my heart beat. Maybe I’m in love with my boyfriend after all?


June 21, 2017


34 pages

high heat


“Hi Ben.” 

I jumped in surprise, then spun around to face whoever it was who’d snuck up on me. 

“See you in about a month!” Nina called, throwing a hand up in a wave as she walked away. 

I didn’t reply—I was too busy staring at Nik. 

Nik, my best friend, who I had been in love with forever. Except now I might possibly be in love with his brother. I wasn’t sure, but I definitely liked Tarjei—and we were in a relationship now. 

“Hey.” I scratched awkwardly at my neck. 
I hadn’t seen Nik since Easter and though we had Skyped several times since, it was weird to find him standing right in front of me. 

“Thought I might catch you here.” He grinned, head tilted slightly. 

“You’re… sober,” was all that came out of my mouth. 

“I am.” He chuckled. “Just came home a few hours ago, actually.” 

“Oh, right.” I’d known he was coming back, but I hadn’t known when. I hadn’t spoken to him as often as I’d used to.

“Are you heading home? Or to Tarjei’s?” 

“Umm—Tarjei’s,” I mumbled, not sure why I was embarrassed, but I was. 

“You think he’s up? I want to ask him something.” 

“Eh, yeah, he said he’d wait up for me.”

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