Bruised Heart

“It’s not a happy ever after—but it might be the beginning of one.”

I’m waiting for Kasey to come home. I didn’t expect the drunk girl I had to take care of to the point I had to take her home because I couldn’t get hold of the one person who could get her. I did not expect there to be a whole lot more to this girl than what I’d initially thought, yet of course, there was. I was never so lucky as for things to be simple in my life, after all.

When Kasey does come home, the girl’s still there, and I’m done caring for her. I’ve been without my boyfriend for two whole weeks and all I want is one day alone with him—but when it turns out the girl’s got a lot more issues than originally thought, I can’t help but worry about her.

June 23, 2017


76 pages

medium heat


“How’s your boy toy?” 

I turned my head to glare at my best friend, who only grinned cheekily back. “Don’t call him that.” He might be younger than me, but he sure wasn’t my toy. 

“You're as grumpy as ever.” Chad rolled his eyes and turned back to the canvas he was currently working on. It was turned away from me, while he faced me, so I had a feeling I was being used as a model for whatever he was painting, but… I was bored, and I didn't care.

“He’s at his parents’. Spent Christmas there and they wanted him to stay for New Year’s too, so.” I shrugged. 

Chad chuckled. “Ahh, so that’s why you’re hanging out here with me. Because you’re lonely.” 
I huffed. “Fuck off.” 

“You can’t deny it! You never want to spend much time with me.” 

"What the hell, Chad?" He was my best friend. Of course, I wanted to spend time with him. He was my only fucking friend. I had acquaintances now, sure, but Chad was the only one who knew me well. Who I'd known since our school days.

“Just admit it. You hardly ever have time for me, so for you to show up on your own and just sit around here… you must have it bad, huh?” He still had that cheeky grin. It ticked me off. “So you’ve spent Christmas and New Year’s alone? Why didn’t you go with him? Weren’t you invited?” 

“I’ve only known him for like two seconds.” We'd only got together back in November after all; it wasn't even two months yet. “I can’t go meet the parents. That’s a recipe for disaster.”

“Why’s that?” He mixed some colours on whatever the fuck it was called he held in one hand and brought the brush up to the canvas again. 

“Have you met me?” I asked drily.

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