Reality and fantasy blend as Chad’s mental illness deteriorates.


I haven’t had an easy life, with an abusive father and a mother who killed herself. Add Dion to that, the teacher I’m in love with, rejecting me and going crazy on top of it; things are far from great–even if they feel great sometimes. Sadly, those times never lasts for long.


I have a hard enough time dealing with Dion cheating on me, and I don’t need the student in question showing up at my door. But I’m not heartless either, and since someone’s clearly beat him up, I take him in.

It gets complicated however when I realise Dion isn’t over Chad–and then I start to care for him too. Can we figure out a way to make things work between us, amidst Chad’s deteriorating mental state and the death of two people close to him?

August 19, 2016



low heat


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