Arctic Heat: The Complete Collection

All three Arctic Heat novels together in one collection.

An arctic wasteland is not my idea of a holiday destination. If I ever want to see my best friend again, however, it’s where I have to go. With shit-all to do, I didn’t think the holiday would bear repeating anytime soon… but I hadn’t expected Jonathan.

He’s direct, rude, and I know I get on his nerves—but not enough for him not to jump into bed with me. It was supposed to just be a bit of fun to make time pass, but it turns into so much more.

I’ve got a life to get back to though, and he’s got a business to run. This isn’t going to end well. How could it?

But when their hearts have been dragged into it, what then?

May 26, 2017


576 pages

high heat



I gasped and turned around—almost falling on my arse—as someone tapped on my shoulder.

A tall, lean, broad-shouldered bloke with dark hair that curled in the nape of his neck and around his ears, and cold, ice-blue eyes stood in front of me.

He was definitely not Andreas.

He wore a black and white snowsuit—it clung to his body rather nicely—and heavy boots.

I swear my cock twitched in interest.

I kept my face void of emotion, though, as I didn’t want him to see just how quickly I fell right in lust with him.

Why does this keep happening to me? It’s like I’m constantly walking around with a hard on.

Last time I’d fallen in lust with someone it hadn’t ended well, as partly evidenced by me even being up here on this damn island.

“What do you want?” It came out entirely too rude, but he’d startled me and he was handsome and I wanted to rip that snowsuit right off him.

His ice-blue eyes narrowed a fraction. “You’re Varg, right?”

Why does a complete stranger know my name? “You’re Christian?” He was the bloke Andreas stayed with—and the one he worked for, so it made sense he’d come pick me up if Andreas was somehow unable to.


Now my eyes narrowed. “Then who are you?”

“Name’s Jonathan.” He did a mock-salute before he grabbed my suitcase. “I’m here to pick you up.” With that he walked off.

I shot up from my chair and hurried after him. “Where’s Andreas? Why isn’t he picking me up?”

“He got delayed.”

That was apparently all I was going to get out of the guy. Good thing he’s got such good looks. Because besides how handsome he was, he was an arsehole.

My dick liked it.

You’re such a fucking masochist.

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